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Minister Points to Big Data and Digital Control as Keys to Increase Tourism


Indonesian Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya on Tuesday (06/06) boasted about the success of his Go Digital data monitoring program and instructed ministry officials to increase efforts to compete with neighboring countries to draw in more foreign tourists.

At a meeting in Jakarta, ministry officials presented their latest achievements, accompanied with detailed graphics and data analyses, to draw in more tourists to destinations across the archipelago.

However, officials explained that neighboring countries are still managing to draw in seemingly insurmountable numbers of foreign tourists, including Thailand, where foreigners often vacation in Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.

Deputies also cited accessibility, security and hospitality issues as deterring some tourists from visiting Indonesia.

However, Arief highlighted digital data officials have been combing through to help the ministry create new strategies to increase tourism.

“This is big data, a combination between small, corporate and social media data. It is very smart, if managed well, and could serve as an early warning system for us,” Arief said.

The Go Digital program includes an escalation system, which automatically reports to officials impending deadlines or incomplete work.

Arief said the initiative is a means to control prioritized programs at the ministry using digital technology.

“If we discover incomplete work, I will announce that to the entire ministry that the work of a certain department is lacking.”

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