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– Misconceptions Regarding Big Data and Why It’s Important to Clarify Those?
December 11, 2015 Blog big data

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There is a lot of hype around big data, and this, to a certain extent is harmful for businesses. Since there are so many articles, research reports and studies about big data, people are provided with more than enough information, and this, somewhere down the line, makes big data look too easy to understand. This is where all the problems begin since even before knowing the original features and characteristics of this new phenomenon, people start assuming a lot. As a result, a lot of misconceptions get generated.

Big data is a revolutionary concept and it’s also going to change the approach to marketing to a great extent. There are many businesses that have vast amount of data to store, from different sources. Transactional data, mobile data, financial data, behavioural data, customer research data and social media data are only to name a few of those. Simply put, this huge amount of data is referred to as big data. But then, sometimes the analysis of this type of data is too simplified. Consequently, a lot of myths get created. It’s essential to not only know about these misconceptions, but also clarify these. This is so because people often take wrong decisions based on these misconceptions. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about big data –