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Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Sets Digital Hub In Singapore


MITSUI Sumitomo Insurance Co, Ltd (MSI), a member of MS&AD Insurance Group, has set up two Global Digital Hubs (GDH) in Singapore and Tokyo as bases to support global digitalisation.

In April 2018, MSI established a Digital Strategy Department to promote digitalisation focused on enhancing customer experience and business productivity.

In order to further accelerate its digital activities, MSI launched the Singapore GDH in February this year to support the Asean markets, and will launch a GDH in Tokyo to promote the adoption of digital technology by employees and agents.

Through the two GDHs and other advanced initiatives, MSI will continue its commitment to promote digitalisation and help address societal challenges.

GDH Singapore

GDH Singapore will contribute to the development of digital initiatives in the Asean region, leveraging on MSI’s broad network in all ten Asean member countries.

It will support the Asia regional office in developing digital strategies to drive continued growth of the business in this region.

GDH Singapore aims to enhance customer experience in the Asean markets to cater to the rapid rise of digitalisation.

It will help facilitate the development of innovative insurance products  and services through collaboration with business partners and open innovation with startups.

GDH Tokyo

MSI launches GDH Tokyo to:

  • further understand the digitalisation needs amongst employees and agents,
  • conceptualise new digitalisation ideas, and
  • experiment with and implement those ideas within MSI’s business.

GDH Tokyo will be the innovation epicentre of MSI to find new ways of adding value to clients through the use of digital technology and big data.

By way of collaborating with startups, MSI aims to develop innovative products and services that will help address social issues and contribute to society as per the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).