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More Options for Businesses Looking for Meal Delivery Services
October 13, 2020 News


The Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia saw a surge in food delivery services. As most restaurants and eateries were not allowed to have customers dine in when the MCO first started, many of these businesses had to quickly switch to online delivery services to ensure they were able to maintain their profits.

While most businesses were able to cater to their customers through food delivery services like FoodPanda and GrabFood, the deals they were getting from these companies were not enough to sustain the business. This was mainly because of the physical distance challenges that these apps imposed.

For example, a restaurant could only cater to customers within a 5km radius through these online services. This was not profitable to some restaurants, especially those that had customers located further than the 5km radius. Apart from that, each of these delivery services would charge a service cost about 30% to 35% of the meal prices charged.

To avoid this, some food operators opt to have their own delivery services through their websites, social media pages and chat applications like WhatsApp. This method allowed them to reach out to more customers but eventually became too hard for them to handle due to increasing demands.

In light of this, StoreHub, a Malaysian born platform of cloud-based solutions for retail and F&B businesses, launched Beep Delivery, an F&B delivery service, 48 hours after the MCO was announced in March. StoreHub is already known among Malaysian businesses since 2013 for its POS system, enabling them to be part of the ecosystem without much trouble to their customers.

According to Fong Wai Hong, Co-founder and CEO of StoreHub, what makes Beep Delivery different from other food delivery services is its ability to allow customers to order whatever they want from their restaurant of choice and not be limited by their location. Of course, delivery charges will still apply based on their distance from the restaurants and a much smaller percentage (15%) is charged to restaurants for service provided.

Wai Hong explained that his team of developers, who are based in China, only took 48 hours to come up with the entire framework, programs and application of the service. Once they had their plan in place, all they had to do was work on the program and get restaurants onboard the service.

“Unlike other platforms, we do not have any tight controls. We allow businesses to have flexibility in how they prepare their menu. Most businesses feel it’s as if they are using their own platform”.

He added that both StoreHub and Beep Delivery leveraged on AWS Services for their applications. StoreHub’s core infrastructure runs on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances to easily scale and resize its compute capacity on the AWS Cloud. Meanwhile, the Beep Delivery app relies on Amazon Elasticsearch Service to enable users to read the menus from the store while utilising Amazon CloudFront as a fast content delivery network service for sending menu images to customers.

Beep Delivery also relies on Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) as the messaging service for delivery orders. Amazon Redshift powers two types of analytics for StoreHub. One is internal to observe how customers are using our product and the other is for F&B customers. This has helped them to gain a 360-degree view of sales data. Queries against that data reveal insights into sales that can be categorised by product types, customer profiles, and offline and online channels. In particular, it also enables retailers to gain insights into their employees, allowing them to identify the highest-performing staff members.

Despite the success of Beep Delivery, Wai Hong intends to improve their services a lot more. Currently, they are facing some visibility problems over their riders which they hope to overcome in the near future once more update are available.