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MUFG securities unit, analytics firm team for M&A insights


Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities will work with Japanese big-data analytics firm Valuenex to provide clients information on the benefits of merger and acquisition deals, using data on development efforts, for example, to reveal potential synergies.

Valuenex analyzes information such as patent data and academic texts related to new technologies to discern what fields companies are focused on for research and development, and offers services visualizing that data for easy consumption. The Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group unit will use those analytic systems to examine the potential benefits of M&A involving listed companies, publishing their conclusions in reports to clients.

This technology is also to be applied in the 60 or so “deep-dive” reports on particular industries the brokerage’s analysts produce each year. Incorporating big-data analytics aims to provide readers with more objective information.

Global shifts in the financial sector are pushing securities firms to consider innovative research methods and cutting-edge technologies. The European Union’s new regulatory framework for trade in financial instruments — the so-called MiFID II — will take effect in 2018. In response to these changes, Japanese brokerages are working to add value to their research offerings.

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