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Mundipharma’s painfocus(TM) Digital Platform Set to Revolutionise Pain Measurement and Management via Artificial Intelligence


Mundipharma has announced the development of painfocus, a revolutionary new end-to-end pain management solution that significantly increases the objectivity of pain measurement, something that has been historically difficult. This has the potential to completely transform how caregivers and doctors manage their patients’ pain.

Leveraging on Biofourmis’ biovitals analytics engine, painfocus uses advanced machine learning that combines multiple physiology biomarkers captured using wearable devices to calculate the presence and severity of pain.

The app can capture, monitor and analyse data generated by patients in an inpatient or outpatient setting, and share with caregivers an accurate picture of health including level of pain, quality of life and general physiology in real-time via a web-based dashboard.

It also enables digital patient-caregiver communication, which is particularly significant for patients who don’t have the ability to verbally explain how they’re suffering.

painfocus has been tested in an early feasibility study conducted in multiple hospitals in South Africa from January to May 2018 that continuously monitored the physiology of knee arthroplasty patients using Everion® physiology monitor. The study found significant correlations between patient-reported pain scores and the results calculated by painfocus in an ambulatory, real-world setting.

“Pain affects up to 1.9 Billion people globally[1], with massive associated healthcare costs,” says Mundipharma CEO, Raman Singh. “Currently there’s significant room for improvement in how pain is evaluated, and we’re working to address this through the innovative use of machine learning.”

“The ability to objectively assign a value to pain has the potential to transform how clinicians assess and manage their patients, resulting in a more optimal care pathway,” he added.

Mundipharma’s latest digital healthcare solution was developed and tested in partnership with leading digital health technology company Biofourmis, which specializes in augmenting personalized care with digital therapeutics.

Founder & CEO of Biofourmis, Kuldeep Singh Rajput, said “To be able to measure pain has always been a challenge in the medical field. Many tests are too one-dimensional and only measure pain at one point of time, mostly determined by the physician. Using painfocus to continuously measure pain in an ambulatory setting will revolutionize how clinicians treat and manage their patients.”

painfocus will further be evaluated in an investigator-initiated study in multiple public hospitals in Singapore, on how this solution can augment clinical care for patients in treatment. The study is being funded by Mundipharma.

painfocus is the latest in a series of digital initiatives developed by Mundipharma out of its Regional Head Office in Singapore, which also acts as an innovation hub where digital ideation and content creation takes place. In the last two years, mobile apps and digital initiatives have been developed for all our therapy areas. Mundipharma have been early adopters of innovative technology including, virtual reality, augmented reality and gamification. These initiatives have been primarily focused on medical education for both doctors and patients and have been developed in response to ongoing unmet needs.