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NCR Launches State of the Art Centre of Excellence for the APAC Region
August 15, 2019 News

This week, NCR Corporation launched its brand new, state-of-the-art Regional Services Operations Centre, or Centre of Excellence (CoE), located in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur – marking a significant milestone for NCR, not only in its business growth, but also its commitment here in Malaysia as well as the region.

The facility, which can house over 400 highly trained and multi-lingual service professionals (80% of which are local Malaysians), will serve as NCR’s services hub for APAC, providing round-the-clock customer support in 12 languages for the different countries within the region.

During the launch, Jaideep Agrawal, Managing Director, Managed Services for NCR Asia Pacific, said, “This centre is going to be key for our success in Asia, consolidating four different offices in Malaysia which served different roles, together. [That will allow us] to be more agile, respond faster to customer demand and innovation. And this facility was designed keeping our employees’ needs in mind, so we’ve created a fantastic, vibrant, and collaborative space where people can work together, enjoy while they work and produce good results for us.”

Also present during the event were Hew Wee Choong, Vice President of Investment & Industry Development, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Nick Vreugdenhil, Vice President, Services Delivery for Asia Pacific and Bill Bancroft, Senior Vice President, NCR Global Services Delivery.

While addressing members of the media in a separate Q&A session, Bill Bancroft commented that the Asia Pacific is a very important market for NCR. As to why the company chose Malaysia as the focal point of its regional services, Bill said, “What Malaysia brings to us is the talent, cost-effectiveness to make sure we’re competitive, and also 11 different languages to support 12 different countries (including China, Japan and India). Today, we’re supporting 680 different clients and the team here is able to do that very successfully, delivering high levels of service.”

As a company that is always looking to continually innovate, Jaideep Agrawal mentioned that the centre will enable NCR to quickly introduce next-generation services that keep commerce running through something that the company calls the Digital Connected Services platform, which works around some of the latest technologies like IoT, big data analytics, robotic process automation, machine learning and remote diagnostics.

In other words, the company is developing services capability that drives much higher levels of availability, to respond rapidly and minimise the impact to NCR’s many clients. By making use of data analytics and advanced technologies, NCR proactively identifies issues and failures to avoid them from happening in the first place and is able to provide speedy remote resolution to customers. According to Jaideep, roughly 80% of tickets that the company receives are resolved remotely.

Bringing the discussion back to the new facility, Nick Vreugdenhil then explained that while they initially started out here in KL as a call centre to support NCR’s regional maintenance business, they have now added a much wider range of functions within the CoE that are “far and away beyond just providing maintenance services or coordinating the activities of our technicians in the field”.

“We’re adding more and more different kinds of resources to the team here in Malaysia to provide support to every country in APAC. It’s a tremendous collaboration that goes on in keeping our customer systems up and running to the best of our abilities. It’s a delight that we can finally put it all together in a single, large consolidated centre, that will enable us to continue growing and also get more collaboration and synergy by having everybody working together in a next-generation, modern, leading-edge collaborative kind of environment.”