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Near-Future Bob
May 6, 2016

A typical day in the near-future IOT life of Bob the Sales guy.

I am woken by my sleep monitoring alarm clock which wakes me at the optimal time in my sleep cycle, so I feel as fresh as possible. I walk into the kitchen where the coffee maker has just finished making my morning brew. It tracks my morning habits and knows when I’m ready. The TV switches onto my favourite news channel and the curtains open automatically. A machine learning algorithm tracks me every day and knows what I want when I want it.

I leave the house knowing the house cleaning appliances will have everything clean and tidy by the time I get to work, where I will receive an email from each of them giving me an update. This, however, is picked up by my thrash folder and ignored. Some things don’t change. As I enter the underground car park my-self drive car pulls up in front of me. These days they’re more like mobile offices so I step in and my laptop logs me on. The Inside of my car is like my desk at work- a chair, a desk and a GUI prompting for input.
My sales job is much like everyone else’s sales job. My calendar is populated with my calls for the day. Some I have put in there. Some have been generated by a predictive algorithm based on my daily schedule and our client history for the past six months. A marketing company can advertise fully qualified leads directly in my calendar through a deal they have with our cloud based CRM provider. These leads are usually the best for closing a sale soon and we are only charged after a successful sale has been processed through our banking app.

Typing is left to the coders. Input is achieved through either voice analysis or touch based.  This includes security access to any of our systems. Your voice is better than any password and the software knows if it has been recorded or not and will deny access if so.

Understanding our clients and target market is easy because data analytics has had its industrial revolution. Everything is automated now reducing the need for specialists and all analytical systems are maintained, in the cloud, by a niche set of multinationals. Whereas before data discovery directed the insights, now these insights are found automatically and reports and dashboards are created by the software based on them. This has led to everyone benefitting from the advanced analytics space without the need for any advanced training. Some say it has watered the benefits down but I say it has opened it up to everyone.

Coffee remains the mainstay of most workers. The coffee machine is fully self serving. When it gets low it automatically emails the coffee vendor. The coffee vendor then automatically dispatches a drone which flies directly to our delivery room with a fresh supply. As far as I know there is no human interaction in this process. All consumable products have this self regulating process these days. It’s very handy.

After Lunch, and having spent a half hour in the gym, I get back to my desk where I have received an email from my health monitor summarising my workout. It compares this workout to all others and suggests what I might do different next time. It lets me know that my next check-up is in four months and I am on course to get a discount from my health insurance provider for the extra exercise I have been doing lately. I also receive an Instant Message on my watch from my shoes telling me that they have just reached their optimal step capacity and ask if I want to get new ones delivered. I tap yes.

Deciding to take it easy for the rest of the day I call the list of leads the marketing agency has populated in my calendar. They turn out to be excellent. The software that finds them is getting better and better and I make a sale from four of the five I tried. I leave the office early and finish the rest of my admin work on the drive home.

On arriving home I pick up the parcel with my new runners in them. I check my home monitoring system dashboard, which is displayed just inside the front door, to make sure everything is ok. Hot water is ready, fridge is stocked, the cleaning bots have cleaned and polished the floors and a pot of tea is being made. The plants have been watered, based on the humidity and temperature apps, and they are in good health. Perfect. I check my watch to see where my partner is. Still at work so it gives me time to sit down and relax. I walk into the living room. The lights and TV turn on to my predetermined settings. After about a half an hour I hit a button on my control display built into the couch and it turns the oven on. I can see from the location monitor at the corner of the TV screen my wife is on her way back from work. Dinner should be ready by the time she gets home. My work day is over. My movie app suggests a movie to watch that evening based on what viewers like me have rated highly.  That sets the tone for the evening and I settle in.

That night I go to bed knowing that the house will heat the radiators and water, wash the dishes and use any other electrical appliances when the energy prices are at their lowest and I sleep well and comfortable in my IOT bubble.

Niall Wynne