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NeuroMem® Technologies signs partnership agreement with Synvue for Malaysia
October 16, 2018 News AI Artificial Intelligence


NeuroMem® Technologies, has announced that it has formalized a technical and business partnership with Synvue Sdn Bhd to enable and foster the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in Malaysia. With respective strengths in advance electronics and artificial intelligence, this partnership was agreed and signed during the recent IMESS IEEE symposium held in Penang, Malaysia, where Prof. Pierre Brunswick, AI evangelist and CEO at Neuromem, presented its revolutionary neuromorphic AI chip technology.

Both companies are jointly committed to develop and drive Artificial Intelligence-centric hardware and software solutions and technology content for Malaysian industries, universities, school and open source communities. Awareness and education in Artificial Intelligence among the science and technology student community as well industry professional will be a primary focus. Some of the major identified strategic area of cooperation between Synvue and Neuromem include:

• Neuromorphic memory and FPGA integration
• Neuromorphic memory, Royalty Free RISC soft processor integration
• Linux based development with Open Source Community
• Project Board and Kits
• Trainings for students up to Mastering AI

Synvue Sdn Bhd is a Penang-based advanced electronic design and development company that provides technical engagement, consultancy, training and solutioning though technologies like FPGA, SOC, IOT, Vision System, System Engineering and others. These core technologies are foundation to advance electronics solutions in multiple verticals like advanced manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transportation, education and many others.

NeuroMem Technologies believes that nonstop learning, and pattern recognition offered by its technology can become practical and ubiquitous only if it can rely on components inspired by the human brain (which it calls neuromorphic memories), merging storage and local processing per cell, with massively parallel interconnected cells operating at low power. The company is working to empower local companies to adopt AI faster and stay ahead of the competition. We have been working with developers of a wide range of applications across the globe. In the hardware-based sector, we are focusing on the integration of AI in smart buildings, smart infrastructure, security, medical and related applications, drones, IoT and robotics – anywhere that uses sensors to filter information to make business decision, securely and cost effectively.

Pierre Brunswick, CEO at Neuromem Technologies, a General Vision company, said, “This partnership and cooperation will enable and foster the deployment of Artificial Intelligence in Malaysia to the next level of excellence and we are excited to be enabling it with Synvue. We strongly believe in empowering our partners who understand the local needs and help them with the support and technology capabilities they need.”

Richard Joseph, CEO at Synvue, said, “We are excited to partner with Neuromem Technologies, a leader in AI. By leveraging on our leadership and expertise in FPGA development, this partnership will enable greater proliferation of AI-enabled applications with greater ease-of-use for a growing user base.”
Dr Emilia Noorsal, a Senior Lecturer of Electronics at UITM Penang expressed delight on this partnership saying, “this combination of competencies on Artificial Intelligence between Synvue and Neuromem will greatly assist UITM in developing technical acumen in AI among its graduates.”

Meanwhile, Ms Jariyah Hashim, Director of Business Ecosystem from NCIA pointed out that “this technical cooperation between local engineering outfit Synvue Sdn Bhd with world renowned expert in Artificial Intelligence, Professor Dr Pierre Brunswick, is an example of smart partnership needed by Malaysia to help the country embrace and deploy higher level of technology.

Additionally, Synvue and NeuroMem will offer “Knowledge as A Service” with domain knowledge and consultancy related to Artificial Intelligence for schools, colleges, polytechnic, universities and industries. There are plans to establish an Artificial Intelligence Lab encompassing all these technologies. These efforts are aimed at developing technical talent and caliber in Malaysia and further the adoption of Artificial Intelligence.