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New Smart Connectors for Cloud and Big Data Hadoop
February 12, 2016 Blog

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Sinequa has announced the availability of new “plug and play” smart connectors for cloud and Big Data Hadoop environments as part of its Big Data Search & Analytics Platform in response to the continuing adoption of cloud and Hadoop within data-intensive organizations.

Sinequa now offers more than 150 smart connectors which provide streamlined access to complex, hybrid enterprise data sources that span cloud, Hadoop ‘data lakes’ and on-premise infrastructure without the time-lag usually incurred by custom connector development. New Sinequa “out of the box” connectors for Hadoop, in particular for the MapR Hadoop distribution, include HDFS, Hive and HBase.

The new Sinequa connectors support increasing volumes of application data retained in the cloud, including AWS, Microsoft Office 365 with SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, OneDrive and Yammer. The connectors enable the indexing and analysis of this cloud-based application data integrated with on-premise versions of Microsoft Office for a single, combined result.

Sinequa also now offers new and updated connectors for Alfresco V5, Confluence V5, Emerson DCA, IDBS, OpenText Alchemy, PTC Windchill and Siemens PLM software Teamcenter.