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NODEFLUX has joined East Ventures’ portfolio investment


NODEFLUX, an Indonesian intelligent video analytics startup, announced it has joined East Ventures’ portfolio investment. This move will accelerate Nodeflux mission to scale their business through research and development on computer vision with deep learning to generate insightful data.

Nodeflux chief technology officer Faris Rahman, explains, “With the solution we developed, we are enabling CCTV functionality to be extended more than just for viewing and recording purposes. We escalate their function to understand more about what they see and give the processed and important information to us.”

Nodeflux chief executive officer Meidy Fitranto, adds, “Since the early days when we built Nodeflux, we saw that intelligent video analytics could solve various problems in society. We believe this approach will change the way we monitor, measure, and understand our environment.

“As a government for example, they can automatically identify violations such as illegal parking and also measure vehicle traffic. As a store owner, our product is able to gather insights on customer behaviour and interactions with products from offline stores which will help them to make decisions based on comprehensive data.”

Perfect partner for Indonesian government

Since last year, Nodeflux has been working closely with the government from several big cities in Indonesia that emphasise smart city efforts, such as Jakarta and Bandung, to provide their technology in CCTVs.

“Using our solution, the government will be able to understand more regarding public domains such as transportation, trash management, and flooding systems in real time, letting them make more data-driven and precise decisions efficiently,” Meidy explains.

In addition, Nodeflux also are working intensively on strategic development and collaboration with the Indonesian National Police to enhance their operations system.

Faris comments, “National security is one of the most important things that a country must ensure. The government is continuously enhancing their tools and capabilities including implementing cutting-edge technology to support their work.

“We’ve seen several issues recently in Indonesia that give extra work to our law enforcers. We are positive that our solution will give additional and significant help for the law enforcers to protect, serve and provide safety to citizens.”