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November 12th Big Data Webinar
December 11, 2015 Blog

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A webinar discussion on how to gain a competitive advantage and transform your business with Big Data was held on 12 November, 2015. This webinar highlighted how you can turn raw data into insight – the insight that boosts your top and bottom lines. The raw data collected from websites, social media outreach, CRM apps, and transactional systems can be used to create a complete customer profile, improving internal operations and enhancing your competitive position.

Speakers include:

  • Grant Bodley, General Manager of Global Manufacturing Solutions, Hortonworks
  • Lance Roberts, VP Big Data Practice American Digital
  • Chris Surdak, Global Subject Matter Expert, Information Governance and eDiscovery, Hewlett Packard Inc
  • David Parker, Global Vice President, SAP

This webinar will help you begin your journey to collecting and analyzing the raw data you can turn to insight — the sort of insight that boosts your top and bottom lines.

See webinar video here: