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NTT and Microsoft form a strategic alliance to enable new digital solutions
December 19, 2019 News


NTT Corporation (NTT) and Microsoft Corp. has announced their multi-year strategic alliance targeted to deliver secure and reliable solutions that help enterprise customers accelerate their digital transformations. The Alliance include NTT’s best-in-class ICT infrastructure, managed services and cybersecurity expertise, along with Microsoft’s trusted cloud platform and AI technologies. The key drives of the alliance include the creation of a Global Digital Fabric, development of digital enterprise solutions built on Microsoft Azure, and co-innovation of next-generation technologies in the area of all-photonics network and digital twin computing.

NTT, one of the world’s largest global technology and business solution organisations, provides combined services which include digital business consulting and managed services for cybersecurity, applications, cloud, datacentres and global networks in over 190 countries and regions. This strategic alliance shows NTT’s trust on Microsoft Azure as they were chosen as its preferred cloud platform for modernizing its global IT infrastructure and customer solutions in the areas of advanced analytics for cybersecurity threat intelligence and the hybrid-IT management platform.

Jun Sawada, President and CEO of NTT said “NTT is committed to helping enterprises realize their digital transformation initiatives to help create a smarter world. We believe that the combination of the Microsoft Azure platform along with NTT’s connected infrastructure and service delivery capabilities will accelerate these efforts. Additionally, the companies will collaborate on IOWN, including areas such as all-photonics network and digital twin computing,”

“Our strategic alliance combines NTT’s global infrastructure and services expertise with the power of Azure,” said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft. “Together, we will build new solutions spanning AI, cybersecurity and hybrid cloud, as we work to help enterprise customers everywhere accelerate their digital transformation.”


Key initiatives of the alliance include:

  1. Formation of a Global Digital Fabric

Global Digital Fabric is a combination of Microsoft Cloud and NTT’s globally connected ICT infrastructure. The alliance will showcase the strengths of the two companies in the areas of productivity solutions, public cloud, global datacentre and network infrastructure. The Global Digital Fabric targets to create a highly reliable, secure and robust environment for enterprises to accelerate their digital ambitions around the world.


  1. Development of digital enterprise solutions

The alliance also highlights the development of digital solutions built on Microsoft Azure to empower enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation and to be able to operate more securely from the enterprise to the edge to the cloud. This development have important aspects that includes advanced analytics for cybersecurity threat intelligence, social robotics with relational AI for digital companions, digital workplace solutions, as well as knowledge discovery and management.


  1. Co-innovation of next-generation technologies

As part of NTT’s Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) concept, the strategic alliance will also explore research and development of all-photonics network and digital twin computing. The objective is to give a more natural interaction between people, nature and technology, and to support sustainable growth with an optical-based networking and information processing platform of the future.

Furthermore, NTT and Microsoft are committed to harnessing the power of technology for a more sustainable future. The companies intend to work together to invest in innovative projects that leverage technology to build on NTT’s sustainability initiatives and Microsoft’s AI for Earth grants.

“NTT and Microsoft have a long history of collaboration, and this strategic alliance will further deepen our partnership. We share the same vision of empowering enterprises and society with intelligent and secure technologies for a better and more sustainable future,” said Jun Sawada, President and CEO of NTT.