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NTT Strengthens Partnership with Red Bull Basement to Create Hybrid Experiences That Will Inspire the Next Generation of Changemakers
September 8, 2021 News

Red Bull Basement 2020 Winner Lava Aqua X


NTT Ltd., a global technology and business solutions provider, is partnering with Red Bull Basement for the second year in a row to empower teams of university students to innovate for good. Today’s students are driven by entrepreneurial ambitions and a purposeful desire to make a positive impact. The program encourages the next generation of diverse thinking by finding innovative solutions that deliver progress against categories based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

As the official technology services Partner of Red Bull Basement’s fourth program, NTT enables participants to co-innovate by providing hybrid event services that combine the best of in-person and virtual experiences, mentorship and detailed insights into the world of data-driven technology. NTT’s Cloud Communications Division will provide a virtual platform for live and hybrid events. NTT Disruption will enhance the Global Final by transporting students into a 3D space using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies so attendees can collaborate, brainstorm and realise ideas in a virtual world.

“Innovation is part of our organisation’s DNA”, said Marisa Jansen van Vuuren, Senior Vice President, Brand and Major Programmes at NTT. “The NTT Group invests $3.6 billion every year into researching new technologies that will change the world for the better. We’re also passionate about supporting emerging ideas, diverse thinking, and co-innovating with purpose-led organisations. Supporting initiatives like Red Bull Basement gives us an opportunity to inspire students to pursue careers where they, too, can follow their passions to make a real difference in the world”.

Over the past 18 months, events have taken on a whole new meaning and purpose. With size and proximity on gatherings limited, businesses across all industries have looked for alternative ways of bringing people together safely. Red Bull Basement increased participation by 143% in 2020 compared to 2019, showcasing how virtual and hybrid events, provided by NTT, break down location-specific and physical space barriers to scale the reach and positive impact initiatives like Red Bull Basement can have.

With over 20 years of experience delivering unforgettable global digital events, NTT continues to partner with world-class platform providers and data-savvy applications to offer unrivalled technology solutions. NTT has helped hundreds of organisations transform traditionally in-person events online and provided an optimum infrastructure environment coupled with world-class service to meet the changing needs of our digital world. Most recently, NTT partnered with ASO to create a digital twin of the Tour de France, thereby redefining the fan experience, and creating the world’s largest connected stadium.

The goal of Red Bull Basement is to provide young innovators with an opportunity to use technology to tackle global issues. The program is open to university student teams aimed at developing technology-based solutions for a brighter future. Student teams from each of the 45 participating countries can tap into resources such as mentoring, workshops, networking events and more, all leading up to the Global Final, taking place from December 13th to 15th.

Mentorship is a key part of NTT’s role in the programme and as the official technology services partner, NTT employees will select a wildcard team who demonstrates their commitment to innovative thinking and will mentor them to the Global Final. Last year, NTT selected and are still supporting ROBOCEAN, whose young innovators are pioneering a new generation of subsea robotics to help restore ocean ecosystems.

ROBOCEAN’s founder and director, Niall McGrath, said, “What started as an interest in our natural world quickly became a passion for conserving biodiversity and tackling climate change. NTT’s support throughout the program was critical to our success and our ability to start prototyping our concept. The difference between a good thing and a great thing is the positive impact that it has on the world around us, and we want to do great things for planet Earth”.

This year, NTT will identify another wildcard team to support, mentor, and participate in the 2021 Global Final. To learn more about NTT’s partnership with Red Bull Basement, please visit here.