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NTT ties up with local governments in creating new big data business
February 27, 2017 News big data Japan Government NTT


Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. is planning to tie-up with local governments to launch a new business utilizing big data to promote disaster prevention, transportation systems and tourism, its president said in an recent interview with Kyodo News.

“We will be able to come up with new businesses by connecting a wide variety of data, and such data could be gathered relatively easily by municipal governments,” said NTT President Hiroo Unoura Thursday in Tokyo.

The company has already begun substantive experiments in Fukuoka in southwestern Japan and in Sapporo in the northern Japan with the aim of expanding the plan with local governments across the country, he said.

Unoura said the collected data will be managed by local authorities and will be offered to local firms to be used freely for their businesses, while Japan’s former telephone monopoly hopes to build a business around protecting the data.

The company has signed comprehensive partnership agreements with the two cities.

In the experiment in Sapporo, NTT and the municipal government are trying to launch targeted promotions for tourists by analyzing tourists’ destinations and length of stay, and combining that information with purchase data gathered by local department stores and drugstore chains.

In Fukuoka, the behavioral data of foreign tourists is to be monitored with an aim to utilizing it for disaster prevention.

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