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Omnilytics Launches Trends Performance Solutions in New and Improved Dashboard
November 16, 2018 News analytics Data Insight


Omnilytics, is introducing an improved dashboard to enable brands and retailers in the fashion and beauty industry with data and insights to make more informed decisions.

Barry Ooi, Head of Fashion Analytics at Omnilytics, said, “The Trends Performance is one of our three solutions, designed to help brands stay ahead of the curve in today’s global market of ever-changing trends.”

Trends Performance a Complementary and Holistic Solution

Trends can change and evolve overnight but which trend is here to stay? Build brand confidence with the Trends Performance, a component that creates the bestselling assortments by differentiating between declining trends and the highest performing trends for brands to safely invest in.

“The Trends Performance is designed to meet different demands and needs, effectively delivering targeted solutions across the fashion and beauty industry having taken into careful consideration existing data across websites and social media platforms. It should be executed along with the Competitor Benchmarking and Price Analysis to complete the tripartite strategy, giving users an extra edge on top of the current retail scene,” Ooi adds.

Getting Ahead of the Competition at an Unbeatable Price

From just $50, the tool provides the ability to oversee trends in categories, colours, sizes, styles and patterns from over 75,000 brands and 100 million SKUs – all in real time. The dashboard provides an overview of the current trends through monitoring consumer behaviour patterns, equipping retailers with the necessary data to leverage at the right time.

At the same time, the already vast pool of data continues to grow with retailers and brands producing more data than ever before – resulting in difficulties when converting information onto unique insights that give them an edge in attracting a wider reach. Omnilytics provides a simple solution with effective results, helping businesses truly stay ahead of the curve in a tight race.

The reason behind the upgrade stems from one simple reason – the drive to deliver data insights in a systematic yet intuitive manner. Brands and retailers can independently turn valuable data into actionable insights with speed, accuracy and precision, all in a single holistic platform.