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OPPO to Integrate TouchPal’s AI Assistant to Provide a Smarter Input Experience


OPPO announced at the F9 Pro conference that it will be officially integrating Talia — TouchPal’s artificial intelligent virtual assistant — into OPPO F9 Pro phones. Talia will be equipped with six intelligent features and will automatically perceive conversations based on the context to provide F9 Pro users with the most accurate and relevant information conveniently.

Talia will be pre-installed onto F9 Pro phones and will include these six major features:

  • Smart Reply: While using messaging apps for a conversation, Talia will automatically provide users with replies when the other party uses common sentences.
  • Calculations: Talia will calculate and display answers to mathematical equations with addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division operations.
  • Currency Conversion: When a currency amount is entered, Talia can automatically convert it to other popular currencies based on current exchange rates.
  • Weather Forecast: When the keyword “Weather” is entered, Talia will display the weather forecast based on the users location and can even display weather of other cities around the world simply by typing the location after “Weather”.
  • Swift Paste: After copying text, Talia will temporarily save it and prompt users to paste it conveniently through a small bubble near the upper-right hand corner of the keyboard, saving users time from manually performing multiple actions in order to paste the text.
  • Quick Fill: When phone numbers, emails, and other text about contacts are entered, Talia will save the information to its memory and provide all contact information the next time the first few characters of the contact name is typed.

These six new features come from the artificial intelligence engine built into TouchPal Keyboard, which is based off of the neural language model (NLM). The NLM understands the semantic relationship between words to provide powerful text correction and prediction capabilities. Additionally, the NLM can also predict upcoming content users need based on the previous context and user’s location.

OPPO and TouchPal have cooperated for many years due to their dominant presence in the global market. TouchPal Keyboard has over 120 million daily active users and supports over 110 different languages, covering more than 240 countries and regions around the world.