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Oracle Cloud Platform for Big Data- Using the power of cloud
February 12, 2016 Blog big data

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Oracle simplified the process of unlocking business value from big data with the announcement of Oracle Cloud Platform for Big Data. In the past years, Oracle has engaged heavily delivering an extensive on-premises big data portfolio. Now Oracle is continuing to bring its on-premises technologies to the cloud and the new services join the already available Cloud Services.

Oracle Big Data Cloud Service provides Hadoop clusters in the cloud, a high-performance, secure platform for running diverse workloads. A subscription to Oracle Big Data Cloud Service gives you access to the resources of a pre-configured Oracle Big Data environment, including a complete installation of the Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH). Oracle Big Data Cloud Service is based on an engineered system of hardware and software optimized to capture and analyze the massive volumes of unstructured data generated by social media feeds, email, web logs, photographs, smart meters, sensors, and similar devices.

It is optimized to run a diverse set of workloads – from Hadoop-only workloads (MapReduce 2, Spark, Hive etc.) to interactive, all-encompassing interactive SQL queries using Oracle Big Data SQL. Aim of Oracle big data cloud service allow you to easily analyze all kinds of data without the need for purchasing extra hardware any more . Oracle Big Data Cloud Service provides a comprehensive environment for accelerating big data analytics, featuring software

  • Cloudera’s comprehensive software suite with Cloudera’s Distribution 5.x including Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark
  • Big Data Connectors delivers load rates of up to 15TB per hour between Big Data Cloud Service and Oracle Exadata Cloud Service
  • Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph for cutting-edge analytics on places and networks, exploring and analyzing massive graphs and geo-locational data
  • Dedicated instances in the Oracle Cloud, featuring 40Gb/sec InfiniBand fabric inside Big Data Cloud Service and Database Cloud Service — Exadata Edition.
  • Oracle Data Integrator and ODI Big Data Module to simplify big data operations through visual codebuilding – single command utility of the entire stack

Oracle Bigdata Cloud Service Benefits

  • Connect to all of features of Oracle Bigdata Machine with a few clicks.
  • No extra costs for maintenance – Oracle hosts the big data machine environment.
  • Easily connect to system and self-service provisioning.
  • You can use your familiar tools and techniques.
  • Dedicated, cloud-specific tools to simplify key maintenance tasks and managing the cloud service
  • You get full interoperability with your on-premises Oracle databases.
  • Dedicated instance which delivers maximum performance, without having to orchestrate complex tasks, such as upgrades.

Oracle is extending its portfolio to provide a unified big data management solution strategy that interweaves big data analytics with traditional and exploratory BI, while providing common and consistent methods to govern and support the discovery and consumption of big data. The latest new services are:

  • Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service enables customers to automate, streamline, and guide the error-prone process of data ingestion, preparation, repair, enrichment, and governance without costly manual intervention. With the Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service and its innovative recommendation engine, data preparation time and costs are reduced to a fraction of that of traditional methods. An industry first, Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service combines the power of Spark based machine learning with semantic technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Linked Open Data sets for inline data enrichment. Big Data Preparation Cloud Service technology makes it easy to prepare, repair and enrich business data.
  • Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service enables high volume and low-latency data movement into Big Data Lake and Data Warehouse services in the cloud. Cloud-based delivery to Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service simplifies the integration between the on-premises databases and cloud based DBaaS, Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL data services. These highly reliable capabilities focus on providing very low impact source data capture and high speed data movement into the Oracle Cloud are based on the rock-solid GoldenGate technology already used by thousands of customers worldwide. Innovative new cloud features such as pre-built automation for deployment and integrated cloud monitoring provide an entirely new data integration experience.
  • Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service extends Oracle’s innovation in big data analytics to the cloud, making it even faster and easier understand the potential in big data, transform and improve it, and unlock value for business users and data scientists alike. Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service, together with Oracle Big Data Cloud Service, enables customers to get started immediately with big data, without having to deploy complex architectures, learn specialist tools, or rely only on expert resources. Oracle’s complete analytics solution also includes Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph, Oracle Advanced Analytics including R, and Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service, further empowering people to improve predictive models and take their analytics to the next level.

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service provides an advanced key-value data store designed as a cost effective, high performance solution for simple operations on collections of data with built-in high availability and elastic scale-out. It meets the requirements of today’s enterprise applications that need simple, fast, flexible, reliable operations on high volumes of data with minimal administration. It is also integrated with other Oracle products to reduce development time, costs, and time-to-market.