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Park Place Technologies Announces Asia Launch of ParkView™ at Data Centre World Singapore 2018


Park Place Technologies, a global leader in third-party data center maintenance, today announced the official launch of ParkView, a fully integrated monitoring as a service platform with proactive detection of hardware faults, identification of exact part numbers, and repair of hardware faults that occur within a data center – a first for businesses in Asia Pacific.

Developed in collaboration with partner BMC, ParkView revolutionizes visibility into data center infrastructure and operations by identifying and reporting hardware faults, as well as potential faults, enabling faster response and problem resolution. With ParkView, service tickets are now resolved and closed 31% faster than on assets that are not monitored by the platform.

Ian Shearer, APAC Managing Director at Park Place Technologies said, “We have ambitious expansion plans and we aim to reinforce our position as the market leader in the provision of data centre maintenance services by delivering more direct support, in more locations across the Asia Pacific region. In ParkView we have a product which takes maintenance support services to a new level, harnessing AI and machine learning to create an end to end proactive, predictive and more efficient solution, driving uptime and value for our customers.”

Using AI and machine learning, ParkView proactively predicts data center issues, then triages the fault and identifies the proper fix through automated diagnosis. In addition, the fully automated service process minimizes customer interactions, which allows for quicker repairs to be made through Park Place’s seamless integration with hardware maintenance service plans.

The ParkView support offering includes the following features:
• Proactive Fault Detection: ParkView instantly identifies faults in data center hardware, 24/7, without the need for customer action of any kind. The offering also helps find behavioral and performance trends to reduce false alarms.
• Multivendor Support: ParkView streamlines hardware and triage processes to provide solutions for over 300 clients and to date, has thousands of assets connected across storage, server and network product.
• Increased First-Time Fix Rate: Advanced Triage results in better-prepared responses and a greater percentage of first-time fixes.
• Fast and Secure Implementation Process: ParkView solution architects work with your IT staff to configure access and security levels according to your needs.

Since the launch of ParkView in Europe and North America on December 2017, the platform has been able to drive uptime for clients with an exceptional First-Time Fix Rate, resolving issues without needing to make a return trip to the site or dispatch additional parts.