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PayMyTuition Develops AI and Machine Learning Technology to Settle Real-Time International Tuition Payments
March 10, 2020 News


While educational institutions are trying to evolve and become more adapted to the digital age, colleges and universities have still lagged when it comes to improved processes for cross-border tuition payments. Fortunately, PayMyTuition, a leading provider of technology-driven global payment processing solutions for international tuition payments, announced its solution to this problem. The PayMyTuition platform solution are now able to offer colleges and universities to settle international tuition payments in real-time with their newly developed artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology.

“Today, we have the ability to make digital payments instantly from our smart-phones, but until now, to make international tuition payments, both students and educational institutions experience a high level of friction within the customer experience, manual reconciliation processes, and delays in the availability of funds to the institution, hindering students from immediate enrollment access,” said¬†Arif Harji, Chief Market Strategist at MTFX Group. “PayMyTuition AI and machine learning technology was developed specifically for educational institutions, providing them an alternative solution that can remove all the friction and restrictions that exist within current offerings, while enabling real-time settlement for the first time.”

In the always-on digital environment that we live in, customers expect optimal convenience and digital solutions across the entire payment ecosystem, and the element of real-time settlement has, until now, been lacking.

PayMyTuition enables educational institution student information systems to optimise payment processing methods, giving students payment methods and timing flexibility. This technology will help institutions to reduce costs, prevent errors and improve overall speed with the ability of real-time settlement. The use of AI and machine learning technology within the platform will make end-to-end payment transactions simple and transparent as it will provide institutions with large and complete amounts of rich data, including student information and payment statuses, of which they didn’t have visibility on before.

PayMyTuition’s real-time cross border tuition payment solution is an industry first and can be seamlessly integrated, by way of their real-time API, into most student information systems including: Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, Workday and Jenzabar.