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Perceptron: Information to Action in One Single Platform
August 4, 2020 Blog


This year has seen a big shift, if not the biggest, from face-to-face interactions to virtual and remote communications, whether in work or education. People are now relying on messaging apps and video-hosting platforms to continue with their work and learning. One of the sectors that is affected the most with this change is education, where both the institutions and students are struggling to continue learning in a remote setup.

Some universities are planning to continue their academic year and start the next with full online learning systems, others with hybrid methods in which learning modules are sent to the students. Still, many students are opposed to this new approach in education, some of which are demanding a total academic freeze, at least for the rest of 2020.

One of the biggest reasons for this stance is the inadequacy or altogether absence of internet access in the student’s home life, especially for those living in rural areas. Another reason is the general stress students may be put under during distance learning, for instance with them studying while their parents are deemed jobless because of the COVID-19 crisis, as well as other difficulties they may experience during the pandemic.

With this in mind, universities have to find a platform where they can truly fulfil the needs of their students and provide them with all the necessary resources despite the limitations caused by reasons that are outside of their control.

The field of data and the science of ingesting, analysing and providing insights through data is one that is filled with complexities. To truly enable lecturers, researches and students to thrive and succeed in this challenging field, universities must have a robust and comprehensive Data Science Platform.

PERCEPTRON – Data Science Platform from Statworks can help the universities by incorporating various technology in the area of data ingestion, cleansing, data manipulation and model building in the area of predictive analytics, machine learning and prescriptive analytics. With Perceptron, universities can explore the various facets of data science on a single platform.

Perceptron enables accessibility to its community, from students to researchers to educators in the adoption of new technologies like AI and Machine Learning. With Perceptron, a user can find tutorials and datasets, connect with other Data Scientists, Decision Science Researcher ask questions, read articles and papers and fork and share projects.

The Perceptron Decision Science Platform, local cloud-based pre-configured environment also allows a single workspace for its users. Perceptron unifies numerous open-source components to help education organisations produce data scientists with various skills, including open-source tools such as Scala/Python/R/SQL, Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio IDE and Shiny apps, Apache Spark and automated Insights

Perceptron combines open-source tools with commercial applications for further collaborations, enabling community both locally and internationally to share projects and resources. The platform also features additional functions such as auto-data preparation, auto-modelling, advanced visualisations, model management and deployment and machine learning.

Perceptron has real-world business examples in various area of fraud, CRM, profiling and chatbots that allows users to collaborate and share these example models with their local inputs and applications.

Using Perceptron platform, universities can view data Cognos and gain insights from it, helping them to improve a new approach to education. Best of all, Perceptron can help universities to profile their students and have an overall view of feedback from all of their users.

For its campus-wide license, Perceptron can provide:

  • Support on local cloud environment subscription
  • Tutorials and community assets – local and international.
  • Built-in real-life model samples in various applications.
  • Local and international community support of data engineers, data scientists, developers, analysts etc.
  • Online helpdesk support via email, calls etc.
  • Jumpstart training – 2 sessions per year; maximum of 20 people per session.

To learn more, Mohamad Nor Hakkim Nor Azlan, data scientist at Statworks, will be sharing his experience of using the Perceptron Data Science Platform in a webinar which you can attend on 27 August 2020. For further info and to register, click here.