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Playing a part in the Open Data economy
January 17, 2018 Blog analytics big data open data


Malaysia has taken many steps to expand the public access of government data and strengthen data use across its public and private sectors. This is referred to as the Open Data program, which the government views as integral to the digital economy. According to Dato’ Dr. Mazlan Yusoff, Director General of the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU), Open Data refers to data that is open, freely available and sharable.

Earlier this year, MAMPU commissioned the World Bank Open Data Readiness Assessment (ODRA) report, which assessed Malaysia’s capacity to implement an Open Data program, along with recommendations to improve the transparent management and use of government data. Malaysia is the first country in ASEAN to implement the ODRA methodology and this move spotlights the importance of Open Data in facilitating the exchange of information across government agencies, while helping to inform and improve public policy and program quality.

Mark Micallef

Better access to information on infrastructure spending can also help both public and private sectors to make the right decisions, invest and use resources more efficiently, and create positive economic spill over. This will in turn lead to higher growth, more jobs and better social services.

With this strong mandate from the government, businesses should be empowered to readily adopt big data initiatives to contribute meaningfully to the digital economy and not be left behind in today’s competitive business landscape. So how can they achieve this? The answer is to adopt a modern data platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud that enables users to develop innovative solutions to solve problems that were not possible before in a scalable, efficient and secure environment.

The ODRA offers a holistic and ecosystem-based approach to open data, taking account supply side issues like policy and legal frameworks, data existing within government and infrastructure (including standards) as well as demand side issues like citizen engagement mechanisms and existing demand for government data among user communities (such as developers, the media, and government agencies). As such, government and business leaders wanting to implement a data-driven culture have much to be concerned about. This is why Cloudera’s modern data platform was designed to tackle these prevalent challenges faced by businesses today such as compliance and data security, making it easier than ever to implement an open and efficient data program.

I encourage you to be part of this initiative. MAMPU, together with Big Community, are running the Big Open Wrangle challenge and giving you the chance to improve on the open data, making them more usable and insightful.

By: Mark Micallef, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Cloudera