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Plenty of Opportunities in the Telecom Space
December 11, 2015 Blog big data

The telecom industry is blessed with readily available terabytes of data pertaining to each and every user. From telephonic usage to data network usage, application usage to social media data, even to the extent of a user’s Demographic bifurcation of usage, the industry is blessed with figures wanting to be deciphered.

Real time data analytics provides several marketing opportunities for organisations to monetise and move closer to the consumer.

This wide array of figures gives telecommunication service providers an opportunity to explore never before realised intelligence for making quick customised solutions for consumer.

In his article Opportunities for growth via Big Data Analytics in telecom space, mCarbon founder and CEO Rajesh Razdan said data stored in silos and scattered all across the organisation is an opportunity to be harnessed for operators to have a substantial revenue hike.

Data Mining and predictive analysis provides an opportunity to innovate and gain unprecedented growth at every single subscriber level.

Customer retention is of paramount importance and organisations are spending heavy to increase the user affinity towards the organisation.

Data Analytics provides an opportunity for better understanding of the customer needs, thus giving an opportunity to customise solutions as per the usage.

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