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PT Telkom is First in Indonesia to Deploy NVIDIA DGX A100 Supercomputer
January 25, 2021 News


NVIDIA announced that PT Telkom is the first in Indonesia to deploy NVIDIA DGX A100 system for developing artificial intelligence (AI)-based computer vision and 5G-based applications to support and advance its businesses.

Telkom is required to conduct advanced technology research to create an innovation-led, value-based economy and prepare future businesses as a digital company. To achieve this, the Indonesian telco’s Advanced Technology & Business Research (ATR) unit will build a Digital Innovation Laboratory to focus on exploring digital business development, especially for future technologies that are expected to become mainstream technologies in three to five years.

With NVIDIA DGX A100 powering its research lab, ATR will be able to work on computer vision and other AI-related solutions to give its businesses a competitive edge.

ATR focuses on business research functions, technology research on digital technology, management of the Joint Innovation Center, laboratory asset management, and empowering digital technology researchers. It is currently concentrating on AI-related technologies such as image processing, natural language processing, text processing, video processing, and voice processing.

Development work will include use cases for each of these advanced AI technologies to support the telco’s business in the future, and application prototypes for various vertical industries.

“We are building a comprehensive AI platform to support our ATR laboratory activities such as AI, robotic, robotic process automation, blockchain, AR/VR, bio-signal, and other advanced technology laboratories,” said M. Fajrin, Director of Telkom Digital Business. “With the new NVIDIA DGX A100, we want to speed up AI model training, including accelerating the process of fine-tuning AI modelling and algorithms. We expect that the results of the research process will advance the development of new products.”

Delivering five-petaflops of AI performance, NVIDIA DGX A100 is the universal platform for AI workloads. Powered by eight NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs and high-speed NVIDIA Networking, it enables enterprises to consolidate training, inference and analytics into a unified, easy-to-deploy AI infrastructure that includes direct access to NVIDIA AI experts.

“Since its introduction in May, our NVIDIA DGX A100 is garnering interest in Indonesia, across the region and around the world with deployments across various industries for AI development work,” said Dennis Ang, Director of Enterprise Business for the SEA and ANZ Region at NVIDIA. “Its performance and universality make it easier and faster for researchers to develop AI solutions. Telkom is an excellent example of a forward-thinking organisation using the power of DGX A100 to develop AI solutions for the future.”