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PTC Launches Next Generation 3D CAD, Creo 7.0 with Powerful Enhancements for Simulation-Driven Design
April 15, 2020 News


PTC has launched the next generation of its Creo® 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software, Creo 7.0. The software’s new capabilities put the power of artificial intelligence (AI) at designers’ fingertips, making simulation a seamless part of daily work.

“As a long-time Creo customer, we were excited to get early access to Creo 7.0,” said Adrian Marshall, manager of computer-aided design in product development, Royal Enfield. “Creo has helped us revolutionize the way we develop, produce, and maintain our motorcycles. We are sure that Creo will continue to benefit our design process and enable us to deliver the best possible customer ownership experience.”

PTC incorporated the following capabilities into the next-generation product to satisfy CAD consumers’ most common use cases:

  • Generative Design: Incorporating Frustum®generative design technology, Creo 7.0 enables designers to leverage the power of AI to quickly produce optimised designs based on their engineering requirements and manufacturing constraints.
  • Simulation-Driven Design: Expanding upon PTC’s strategic alliance with Ansys, Creo 7.0 introduces fluid flow analysis in Creo Simulation Live– a comprehensive, real-time simulation solution that allows designers to iterate faster, and design with more confidence.
  • Multibody Design: Creo 7.0 introduces multibody design, a new set of design tools that enables users to complete many design tasks more efficiently while making their part design easier to manage, understand, and modify.
  • Additive Manufacturing: Creo 7.0 provides enhanced additive manufacturing capabilities, including improved support for Stochastic and custom lattices, giving designers greater flexibility when creating lattice structures.
  • Core Product Enhancements: As with every release, Creo 7.0 provides additional usability and productivity capabilities for all users, including enhanced draft capabilities, improvements to 2D mirror functionality, and multiple user interface improvements to the Sketcher™ tool.

By facilitating product innovation, fostering design reuse, and replacing assumptions with facts, Creo helps designers build better products faster. Designers can go from the earliest phases of product design to a smart, connected product all within a single environment.

“Creo 7.0 is one of our most innovation-rich releases yet, allowing customers to leverage Frustum’s amazing generative design technology and an enhanced Ansys-powered Creo Simulation Live with real-time fluid-flow analysis,” said Brian Thompson, divisional vice president and general manager, CAD, PTC. “Creo 7.0 makes emerging technology a part of our customers’ everyday design workflows, helping to transform their digital product development processes.”

The Creo 7.0 launch follows PTC’s recent acquisition of Onshape, developer of the Onshape® Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product development platform, demonstrating the company’s deep commitment to providing innovative technology – via multiple delivery models – to drive business value.