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Publicis Groupe unveils new transformation unit called Digital Lab


Publicis Groupe Singapore has launched Publicis Digital Lab to expand the agency’s digital business transformation capability. The fully-integrated digital lab combines machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) to develop the tools of tomorrow and provide world-class solutions to the industry.

Under the leadership of Vincent Ruaz, Publicis’ head of digital lab, APAC, it currently services a number of clients in the region. It gives its clienteles unlimited access to the complete range of services to create best in class strategies and activations and achieve their marketing and business objectives.

Currently, Publicis Digital Lab’s capabilities include capabilities such as data science and digital innovation, search & analytics,  customer relationship management & consumer journey, e-commerce (with Publicis Commerce), web design / user interface / user experience / mobile and social content.  In addition, Publicis also looks to bring to the table two new digital tools, tailored to each clients specific needs.

DECA is a consumer research analytic tool, developed following months of research conducted by Publicis Digital Lab. The proprietary tool is powered with artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover actionable insights. DECA taps on real-time search data to understand consumer search behaviours and patterns, which enables clients to better optimise their paid and organic search engine marketing activities with an accurate analysis of the search universe.

DECA also identifies other facets of user interests across the expansive search ecosystem, thus enabling brands to interpret user intents and provide conclusive insights that are supported by millions of search queries across the Asia Pacific markets.

Lastly, DECA’s crisis management feature helps brands uncover negative articles that have been seeded across different layers of the search engine during a crisis – often not visible when just searching for brand related key words. This allows brands to directly take action on reminiscent negative or fake content by getting a real and holistic vision over the whole search ecosystem.

Meanwhile E-Popularity (E-POP) is an AI-powered influence tool, which helps brands understand the “who”(influencers), “what” (content), “where” (platforms) and “how” (triggers) of digital influence. In short, it allows for the collection and precise processing of a tremendous amount of data across various platforms – i.e. search engines, forums, websites, social media, and ecommerce – and languages.

E-POP revolutionises the influence model that the traditional public relations agency is accustomed to. Brands now have the opportunity to select influencers through a data science process and agnostic thinking. The platform drives real measurable engagement by identifying influencers, platforms and content that performs best based on the specifics.

According to Publicis, the tool was recently used by P&G with an aim of increasing Vietnamese mothers’ consideration of P&G’s Pampers by 10%. Within two months, the campaign enabled Pampers to delve into the center of conversations among Vietnamese mums, reversed the declining market share to growth for the first time in three years.

“The results we have achieved is testament to the effectiveness and accuracy of DECA and E-POP.At Publicis, we are constantly improving our existing tools and developing new products to sharpen our expertise in this field. The digital lab promises to be a pinnacle of excellence and we are veryexcited to learn what more we can achieve with it,” said Ruaz.

“In the current social media landscape, speed and precision is the golden ticket to the monopoly we know today. The Publicis Digital Lab is exactly our key to leading the global digital transformation. I am incredibly proud of how much we have achieved and the future to come through the power of one,”  said Lou Dela Pena, CEO of Publicis Communications Singapore.