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PwC to help MSMEs access data analytics at lower cost


Consulting firm PwC is launching PwC Insights as a Service (PIAS), a new model that will allow more customers to access advanced analytics and data science capabilities at a lowered cost.

Raman Bhushan, partner, advanced analytics and data science, PwC India, told ET that India was the first market where this service was being launched.

“PwC India has taken the lead and next year this would be taken to other markets globally. It is a big focus area for us and will open up the middle and bottom of the pyramid,” said Bhushan. To be offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, the platform comes with PwC IP built on top of it that would allow customers to undertake a range of tasks, including data visualisation, machine learning and big data analytics.

According to Bhushan, this would help make advanced analytics more accessible to mid and small-sized companies who have held back because of the costs involved. “A lot of MSMEs do not have the capex budget for advanced analytics even if they want to adopt it. This is an opex model where they can pay quarterly or monthly as per their usage,” he said.

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