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Quertle Releases BioAI™ — The First Biomedical Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Platform for Drug Discovery
September 9, 2016 News

Quertle LLC has developed the first artificial intelligence and visual analytics big data (BioAI™) platform for biomedical drug discovery. This platform combines machine learning, neural networks, and other AI methods to improve discovery and insight.


The BioAI™ platform includes predictive visual analytics that accelerate search and discovery from the literature, enable discovery of documents that are otherwise overlooked and improve drug discovery. The AI-powered visualizations summarize an entire set of documents, detect trends and uncover hidden connections.

Biomedical literature is the foundation of the $5 trillion health care market, serving as the basis for drug discovery, medical device opportunities, marketing decisions and direct health care. Yet, effective use of this literature has remained elusive. Standard search technology is inadequate — missing big data analytics, visualizations and AI. In research and development alone, approximately $80 billion is wasted annually rediscovering information previously published.

The challenge has been to find the critical documents in the tsunami of publications. Quertle has developed a proprietary new approach using AI as its foundational technology to deal with more than 40 million authoritative documents (growing at more than 2 million new publications every year) covering journal articles, patents and a multitude of other sources of importance.

Quertle’s innovative platform uses AI methods built specifically for the biomedical and biological fields. Not only do medical and biological professionals write differently, the prevalence of genetic and chemical information introduces serious complexity. Quertle has spent five years working on this problem, taking advantage of its team’s broad biomedical experience and training its AI systems on real-life use by bioprofessionals around the globe.

“BioAI™ combines the latest advances in AI using neural networks with natural language recognition,” said Jeff Saffer, Quertle president and CEO. “This will enhance drug discovery, accelerating a return on investment, and improve processes across the industry.”


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