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RADCOM Announces a 5G Assurance and Analytics Solution – RADCOM ACE – to Automate 5G Network Operations
August 6, 2020 News


RADCOM Ltd. announced the launch of its automated 5G assurance solution – RADCOM ACE – Automated, Containerised, End-To-End Assurance for 5G networks, built on RADCOM’s cloud-native expertise and designed so operators can manage their networks in a more dynamic and agile way.

RADCOM ACE is built to ensure that 5G services continuously run at optimal quality, while at the same time improving the operators’ operational efficiency through automation and rapidly enhancing time to market for new services and innovations. RADCOM ACE is the culmination of RADCOM’s significant product investment over the last few years and reinforced by customer feedback to enable a new way of monitoring 5G services that ensures a great customer experience as operators transition to 5G.

RADCOM’s innovative software will automatically monitor the operators’ services, pinpoint any issues, and resolve them as operators transform their network to 5G. Ushering in a new paradigm for 5G assurance capabilities, RADCOM ACE will help operators accelerate their 5G transformation by continually monitoring the customer experience and providing tools to rapidly optimise the network to ensure smooth migration for operators’ customers to 5G.

RADCOM ACE is container-based, cloud-native, and uses the latest advanced virtualisation technologies to capture, analyse and process network data at blistering speeds and provide a highly agile solution that helps operators manage their network automatically with less manual labor. RADCOM ACE significantly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for assurance when combining cloud-native technologies with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to deliver real-time network intelligence. The solution is already being trialed at some of the most advanced cloud-native networks worldwide.

“5G networks will require significantly more automation than previous networks to deliver on the expected level of customer experience and solve issues in real-time,” said Eyal Harari, RADCOM’s CEO. “To enable this automation, operators must have real-time, customer-centric insights of the end-to-end network. This enables operators to resolve network degradations quickly while continually delivering great customer experience.”

“RADCOM ACE supports private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, which we already see as a requirement from several operators as it allows for commercial and business agility. By combining cloud-native technology and many years working with leading operators on virtualised networks, RADCOM is well-positioned to answer operators’ need for automated assurance solutions for 5G, which is a strategic focus of the Company and the result of significant product investment over the last few years.”

RADCOM ACE is made of a microservices-based architecture, providing the operator extreme deployment agility and is highly resource-efficient. This flexibility and efficiency enable operators to scale the solution quickly, monitor critical services 24/7, whatever the network load, and utilise their cloud resources cost-effectively. Furthermore, RADCOM ACE saves operators significant time and costs by pinpointing network issues that affect the service quality and performance automatically by using AI and ML. RADCOM ACE is designed to provide engineers with automated root cause analysis so they can rectify customer-affecting issues as soon as possible rather than waste time investigating their cause.