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RM170,000 Worth of Prizes Await The Winners Of The National Big App Challenge


The National Big App Challenge organised by MDEC is finally on its last leg. The results from the semi-finals are just out and the finalists announced comprising of 11 teams, will be vying for top place during the competition on the 8th of December. The teams are divided into 2 categories each; 6 from the Academia track, represented by students, and 5 from the Professional track for working adults.

The teams that have reached this stage have won in hackathons organised by different organisations but supported and assisted by MDEC. The hackathons were held since middle of 2016 until October and then were narrowed down to 20 teams per track.  The winners from these competitions were then scrutinized in the semi-finals held recently and narrowed down to the 11 that we have now.


Some of the participants attending the prize giving ceremony

All the solutions presented need to be well thought out through first, identifying an apparent problem and using numerous data sources to achieve the solutions. The solutions provided by each of the teams, through the use of mobile devices and bots, should also make it the easy for the users manage the apps.

For the finals, the teams will be judged according to their tracks of either Academia or Professional. The team that has the most disruptive and innovative solution from each category will be awarded The ASEAN Data Analytics Exchange award with prizes amounting to RM100,000 and RM70,000.


Hackers doing their thing

From the Academia track, the 6 apps that have been put forward include, an app to help organisers plan for marathons, an app to help students find their interest or job they will excel in, an app to mitigate the long process in the poisonous drug registration, a point of sale robot app that can converse with emotion and finally an app to discover why there is low birth weight rate and to solve the problem.

The 5 Professional track apps include, an app that helps the individual find a suitable property, an app that will save billions in water wastage through leak detection, an app to prevent false emergency number calls, an app to help individuals find room mates when moving into a new apartment and finally an app to help the sick get better healthcare.


The National Big App Challenge 3.0 is now in its 3rd consecutive year. It was set up as a strategic platform for Malaysia’s best and brightest within the world of IT to explore new challenges and use their skills to disrupt current methods and ideologies using big data tools and analytics.