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Robot used in remote diagnosis and treatment in Vietnam


The Children’s Hospital in Hai Phong City has launched a clinical trial simulation using a robot with the help of Korea’s Children’s Hospital.

The trial aims to gradually improve robotic application in training, remote diagnosis and medical treatment to improve the efficiency of treatment and patient care.

“The clinical trial simulation will help accelerate hi-tech applications in diagnosis and treatment,” said Dr Bui Van Chien, director of Hai Phong Children’s Hospital.

“In the near future, doctors in Hai Phong will be able to discuss directly with their Korean peers about different cases around the clock,” said the director.

Training courses and seminars between the two hospitals will also be organised with the assistance of the robot.

In the future, the use of robots in diagnosis and treatment will be applied in hospitals nationwide, especially in remote, mountainous areas and islands.

Dr Pham Thu Xanh, director of Hai Phong’s Healthcare Department, said the use of robots was considered the first step of using artificial intelligence in healthcare services.