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RPA Professionals Unite on New UiPath Connect! Online Platform
January 24, 2019 News

Editorial Note: As more companies began using RAP, this platform will surely allow more connectivity for RPA professionals to share their thoughts and views as well as insights on the tech.

Continuing to deliver on its mission to democratize its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering, UiPath, the leading enterprise RPA software company, unveils UiPath Connect!. The collaborative, people-centric online platform, serves as a destination for anyone in the UiPath community to connect with peers, find inspiration, share expertise, ask questions and get advice in a real-time, “real talk” social setting. Designed to create a unified social experience for its ever-growing community, UiPath Connect! offers yet another way for individual users, business, technology and community partners to exercise their curiosity and passion in the Automation-First era.

“Just like our corporate culture, we believe true disruptive innovation is best fostered through openness and exchange,” said Ana Cinca, Vice President of Enabling Technologies, UiPath. “UiPath Connect! deepens our commitment to building a social community that powers and progresses not only our product roadmap but the RPA industry as a whole – and helps organizations everywhere put Automation First. All organizations benefit from RPA knowledgesharing to accelerate the pace of automation and productivity in the workplace.”

Immersive Community Experience UiPath Connect! enables an integrated experience by creating an inclusive ecosystem for people and companies through its online environments:

● UiPath Project Space, an RPA-focused collaborative environment where developers can join teams around the world — including the newly announced UiPath MVPs — to create innovative automations. Together, developers can work on a variety of projects, including Check-in with Face Recognition, Open File with default Application and Music Tune.

● Gamified Environment includes a badging system and ranks for users to earn points through taking Academy classes, helping fellow developers and even participating in RPA hackathons.

● RPA Directory, as part of its commitment to openness, UiPath Connect! offers a voluntary directory of the people and companies that make up the automation ecosystem.

UiPath Connect! also elevates UiPath’s current community properties, integrating: ● UiPath Forum, the first open venue for RPA professionals to crowdsource knowledge, growing to more than 200,000 posts since its launch. ● UiPath Go!, an open and transparent marketplace that arms new and experienced enterprises, as well as developers and partners, with the RPA tools and diversified content they need to build value-added automation that accelerate adoption and improve ROI.

● UiPath Academy, a free RPA learning resource with more than 250,000 students across nearly 200 countries offering a variety of classes for a new class of jobs, including RPA Developer, Systems Integrator and Business Analyst.