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SAP® Analytics Cloud Helps Business Users Make Fast, Confident Decisions with Augmented Analytics
September 13, 2018 News analytics big data Cloud


SAP SE (NYSE : SAP ) announced the SAP® Analytics Cloud solution is now available with new machine learning features to uncover correlations in an organization’s data and help users make faster, more confident decisions. The announcement was made at the Strata Data Conference being held September 12–14 in New York City.

Data scientists, who use scientific methods to extract knowledge from data, are a scarce resource inside most organizations. With SAP Analytics Cloud, business users have simplified access to powerful capabilities that unlock complex insight and can automatically detect issues before they arise. Machine learning enabled, SAP Analytics Cloud allows users to forecast future performance with just a single click. It also can provide risk and correlation detection, autonomous creation of advanced dashboards and storyboards, and hyper-personalized insights into data about suppliers, vendors and customers, including anomaly detection.

“Analytics is shifting from a passive system to an active system, and through new augmented analytics capabilities, our technologies are able to facilitate faster and confident decisions,” said Mala Anand, president, SAP Analytics and SAP Leonardo. “With SAP Analytics Cloud, organizations are able to eliminate repetitive tasks and countless hours spent conducting simple data visualization, which allows analysts and decision-makers to spend more time focused on applying human ingenuity and creative reasoning toward actually solving these complex business decisions.”

Rainforest Connection plans to use predictive analytics and machine learning to take action on illegal deforestation.

“We use advanced analytics to alert local forest rangers to areas of concern before illegal activity begins. SAP Analytics Cloud provides a visual display of illegal logging activities to local authorities,” Rainforest Connection CEO Topher White said in the company’s 2018 SAP Innovation Award entry.

SAP Brings All Analytics Together in One Simple Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based solution for analytics, providing customers with integration of data visualization, planning and predictive capabilities. Users can access relevant, contextual information in one place, without the need for data replication processes, eliminating out-of-context and stale information. Intelligence and prebuilt content from SAP Analytics Cloud can be embedded into line-of-business applications for many use cases including people analytics, customer analytics, segmentation analysis, distribution analysis and total spend analysis.

SAP is focused on helping customers manage hybrid environments spanning on-premise and cloud-based data and analytics. Live data connectivity to on-premise sources allows customers to take advantage of existing investments while transitioning to a cloud strategy. In addition, SAP Analytics Hub offers a single front-end solution for analytic assets, whether on premise or in the cloud, including SAP or third-party content. It helps customers simplify access to analytics scattered across multiple heterogeneous environments, giving users a single version of the truth to make decisions based on facts.