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Shaping the service economy with Connected Field Service Event by Hitachi Solution Thailand
January 22, 2019 News


Provider of industry solutions powered by the Microsoft Cloud, Hitachi Solutions (Thailand) Ltd., will be hosting a Connected Field Service Event on February 21st, 2019. The event will focus on how digital technology is shaping the service economy.

Hitachi Solutions Thailand is committed to spreading awareness about current issues and trends in the field service space by organizing an event where service-oriented businesses can learn about new innovations, interact with peers, and discuss effective solutions to address the growing challenges in their operations and customer service. Partnering with Microsoft, Hitachi Solutions Thailand also aims to help organizations realize their need to adapt and benefit from digital transformation.

Focusing on helping businesses, Hitachi Solutions Thailand developed a complete solution powered by the Microsoft Cloud that includes advanced analytics, machine learning, IoT capabilities, and mixed reality technologies that provides field service organizations a chance to shift from a costly break-fix model (“we sell you an equipment”) to an outcome-based model (“we sell you a result”).

“As an industry leader, we aim to educate organizations the significance of keeping customers at the center of their business,” said Tushar Parashar, Vice President of Sales at Hitachi Solutions Thailand. “Hitachi Solutions Thailand and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service can further offer a new perspective to different industries by providing a seamless customer experience to their clients, increase workplace productivity and improve organizational operations.”

During the event, Hitachi Solutions Thailand will also discuss how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service enables organizations to resolve service issues before they take place, reduce operational costs, and establish a long-term relationship with consumers.