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Simplify Data Access With Saas-Based Connectivity
December 11, 2015 News big data

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Big data is a very fragmented market. However, in the next few years, it will start to normalize through consolidation, and “best of breed” solutions will continue to live on. Cassandra, Hadoop, and Spark likely will integrate to become one ideal solution that can connect to multiple platforms, resulting in lower cost and broader adoption of big data. This anticipated shift is similar to previous technology trends, such as the evolution in the AppDev space with its myriad development languages.

A critical differentiator of companies that successfully leverage big data will be the ability to integrate data sources with various applications and systems quickly and cost-effectively. But doing so requires a solution that doesn’t need extensive rework and coding for multiple integrations. According to Gartner businesses and consumers using cloud-based data sources require extendible data integration strategies and capabilities to interact and integrate with cloud-based data as cloud-based services become more available and diverse.

One of the biggest challenges of leveraging big data is the fragmentation that exists between data sources. Most organizations have multiple data connectivity solutions, database platforms, data sources, and applications, all of which are used for a broad range of activities. But few organizations have policies to guide where data should and should not be stored.