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Singapore-Based Xopa AI Acquires Nastrac
January 9, 2019 News

X0pa AI, an Artificial Intelligence software platform for HR and recruitment, has completed its acquisition of Nastrac Group, a strategic hiring and search firm.

The acquisition combines the recruitment services expertise of Nastrac Group with Xopa AI products to create a managed services offering to clients. The new entity aims to provide faster and better hiring decisions for clients and a completely transparent platform to candidates, according to media release on Tuesday. This is done by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match candidates to jobs and by automating parts of the hiring process.

Singapore-based Xopa AI will be acquiring 100 percent of Nastrac. All current clients from Nastrac will be taken over into Xopa Managed Services, where all of the current services provided will continue. Along with the acquisition, in early the early stages of this year (2019) Xopa Ai will open a new office in Helsinki, Finland.

This office is designed to penetrate the European market, opening the client base up to another region. The current CEO of Nastrac Group Farida Charania will take over the new role of Head of Europe with immediate effect and will be based out of Helsinki which is identified as the European headquarter of Xopa.