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Singapore Life launches chatbot to simplify insurance needs
June 13, 2018 News chatbot


Singapore-based insurer Singapore Life has launched its first self-learning chatbot to make life insurance easier to understand and more accessible to the public.

Dubbed SingLife Chatbot, it operates on Facebook Messenger. Users can interact with the chatbot via Singapore Life’s Facebook page or the company’s website.

Singapore Life says the chatbot uses predictive modelling and helps provide life insurance coverage in simplified steps.

“Consumers can now calculate their life insurance needs under two minutes,” the company says in a June 12 statement. “The SingLife Chatbot is able to reply to free-form text chat that includes a wide-ranging gamut of words, nuance, sub-text and even emojis and colloquial terms and phrases.”

Users need to only choose from a selection of prompted responses to progress to the next question.

“All queries are kept succinct and consumers can expect to view their recommended plan and life insurance coverage in a single at-a-glance snapshot,” Singapore Life says.

According to Walter de Oude, the company’s founder and chief executive officer, the chatbot is designed to help customers identify their insurance needs.

“The user-friendly interface smartly converses with customers, allowing them to understand their life insurance coverage in as little steps as possible,” he says in the statement.

The chatbot can also connect customers to a customer service officer through a live agent chat function.

It’s available around the clock, seven days a week because more than 20% of queries are received after business hours, Singapore Life says.

Singapore Life, which was founded on June 13, 2017, had S$6.2 billion (US$4.6 billion) in life insurance coverage as of February 2018.