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Singapore Sports Hub Accelerates Digital Transformation Through Public Collaboration and Partnerships
September 30, 2021 News


In partnership with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Singapore Sports Hub has issued an innovation challenge to accelerate its digital transformation. Further, Singapore Sports Hub has also entered a strategic partnership with Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC) which gives Singapore Sports Hub access to rich resources and forward thinkers in sports technology and innovations from around the world. These collaborations and partnerships are geared towards delivering a richer, more seamless and immersive experience for fans.

As part of Singapore’s Smart Nation drive, the innovation challenge is being hosted on IMDA’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP), and calls for submissions of a working prototype solution that utilises 5G network architecture and technological capabilities to deliver contextually-relevant immersive experiences for audiences and visitors to the Singapore Sports Hub.

The winning innovation will be awarded S$30,000 and will have the opportunity to commercialise their solutions at the National Stadium. As part of the prototype development process, they will also be able to tap on expertise from Singapore Sports Hub and STB, with open access to IMDA’s technology resources and facilities.

Michael Henry, Chief Technology Officer, Singapore Sports Hub, said, “Singapore Sports Hub continues to focus on improving the customer experience by leveraging emerging technologies that enhance fan engagement as we steadily transform ourselves into a smart stadium, aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation vision. Through our strategic partnership with Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft and the innovation challenge in partnership with IMDA and STB, we hope to accelerate our journey as we safely welcome the return of events and create highly immersive experiences for fans.”

Wong Ming Fai, Chief Technology Officer, Singapore Tourism Board, said, “We are excited to embark on this innovation challenge with Singapore Sports Hub, as it is synergistic with STB’s focus on creating seamless and immersive experiences for visitors. STB has been looking at the use of 5G to push the boundaries for Augmented Reality (AR) and eXtended Reality (XR) with 4K-resolution immersive experiences. Developing these new digital capabilities will help Singapore stay top-of-mind among international visitors, and attract many more prominent leisure and sporting events to our shores. Singapore will continue to be the living lab to explore new trends and develop innovative ways to engage local and international audiences.”

Building upon Singapore Sports Hub’s existing and advanced technologies as a world-class integrated sports, entertainment and lifestyle hub, submissions for the innovation challenge will need to include and integrate several features such as the below:

  • Cloud-based 5G network architecture to create real time personalised, optimised and contextualised experiences via real time data transmission.
  • Smart, accurate and real-time data capture via IoT devices with cross analysis capabilities to provide information to organisers and visitors who can make  instant informed decisions.
  • Intuitive, engaging and simple user experience and interface that can be understood and used easily by a majority of the public.
  • Reliable and scalable systems that can support high volume usage, of up to 50,000 pax, and are not vulnerable to network disruptions.
  • Solutions that are interoperable and that can complement existing applications with the eventual goal of providing an end-to-end digital concierge for Singapore Sports Hub users.
  • Cost-effective solutions that are suitable for mass deployment at the Singapore Sports Hub, with minimal need for regular maintenance.

Kiren Kumar, Deputy Chief Executive, Infocomm Media Development Authority, said “Technologies such as 5G and AR/VR have the potential to help our iconic businesses such as the Singapore Sports Hub transform their operations and deliver superior customer experiences, to thrive in today’s fast-evolving digital economy. As Singapore’s national digital innovation platform, the OIP has facilitated more than 200 business challenges, transforming businesses across sectors. I am confident that through the OIP,  Singapore Sports Hub will find the right innovation partners to help it become our nation’s first smart stadium.”

All submissions must be made by 29 October 2021, 1600 hours (SGT) via OIP, and will be evaluated by solution fit, readiness for deployment, market advantage and profile of applicants. There are no geographical restrictions for participants, but the prototype must be demonstrated at the National Stadium in Singapore. For more information and details about the challenge and application process, please visit the website here.