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Singapore Sports Hub Will Continue to Bring Futuristic Live Events into 2021
January 4, 2021 News


From protecting and housing migrant workers during the peak of COVID-19, to re-imagining events for local audiences, Singapore Sports Hub is geared to adopt valuable learnings from 2020 to drive its experiential agenda for the year ahead.

Although the global pandemic prevented its ability to bring the usual suite of marquee sporting and entertainment events to Singapore, the fully-integrated hub pivoted and refocused its efforts to become a pillar of support for the community and experiment with innovative formats that have opened new possibilities for events and experiences in 2021.


More live events – without compromising on safety

As part of the nation’s efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 among migrant workers, Project Dorm saw Singapore Sports Hub quickly transform venues like the OCBC Arena and the National Stadium into safe and comfortable living quarters that housed 3,000 workers. This proved Singapore Sports Hub’s potential to zone and accommodate a sizable number of people without compromising on safe distancing. Each zone will now act as a self-sufficient bubble, with its own gate for entrance and exit, bathroom facilities, and F&B concession stands, that will work together to effectively separate different groups of event attendees.

The Hub put this new zoning strategy to the test when it delighted MMA fans by hosting a highly-anticipated ONE Championship event in October – Singapore’s first live event since the pandemic. The event saw all tickets sold out within a day. Stringent measures were taken to ensure the event ran both safely and smoothly, including providing a list of designated clinics where attendees were required to undergo an antigen rapid test on the event day and produce a valid negative test certificate before entry.

The successful execution of these safety protocols has built confidence in the Hub’s ability to scale and adapt these procedures for bigger events, bringing with it the likelihood of more such live events in 2021.


Re-imagining events with innovation and technology

Singapore Sports Hub delivered meaningful community and sports experiences through a slew of innovative virtual programmes to support individuals through movement restrictions. For example, it launched an online workout series that ensured sports remained inclusive, accessible and affordable to all. The Hub also celebrated Singapore’s 55th birthday with the first-ever virtual National Day Fiesta that saw Singaporeans laughing, sweating it out and having a good time together, without leaving the comfort of their homes.

With a total of over 750,000 views, the strong performance of these virtual programmes has inspired Singapore Sports Hub to continue innovating and incorporating technology into its events. A recent example of this is the Hub’s foray into ‘phygital’ programmes that carry both online and offline elements, thus remaining accessible to those who prefer outdoor activities, as well as those who prefer to socially distance in their homes. Just this November, the Hub hosted ZoomBa, a ‘phygital’ event that saw both online and offline participants come together for Singapore’s Longest Zumba Relay.


Re-think the use of facilities for stronger community engagement

Apart from hosting entertainment and sporting events, Singapore Sports Hub is also known for its world class facilities for our national athletes and general public. The restrictions brought about by the pandemic brought new purpose to these great assets that were re-imagined into creative spaces to serve the larger public. For instance, the Hub has over 140 meaningful activity sessions that cater to all ages and goes beyond just sporting programmes across November and December. There is also inclusive engagement with community groups and needy families.

These learnings have been invaluable in the evolution of Singapore Sports Hub, and broadened its ability to both reach and serve the diverse communities of Singapore. As the challenges of the pandemic continue, the Hub is confident that its efforts to innovate through the last year have paved the way for more innovative and community-driven events and experiences that are much needed at this time.

Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Sports Hub, said: “In this challenging year, Singapore Sports Hub has successfully rallied together to support the community whilst still offering the great experiences that we are known for. It has also been a year of important learnings, and we are eager to put together more safe and engaging events as we transition into Phase 3. With the right mindset and approach and the cooperation of all stakeholders, we believe that this national asset can deliver great value to Singapore through good times and bad.”