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Singapore startup offers AI screening to hire Asia’s top talent


Singapore-based online ad agency AnyMind Group is expanding sales of its artificial-intelligence-supported recruitment software, looking to assist companies in emerging Asia in their search for talent.

AnyMind’s software analyzes job applicants’ resumes and social media accounts, while also serving as a one-stop shop to track recruitment processes. It features artificial intelligence that determines how well a candidate matches to the open position. With job turnover high in Asia, companies face the time-consuming task of sifting through large volumes of applications to narrow down candidates.

“We will help companies hire the best talent efficiently,” said CEO and co-founder Kosuke Sogo.

Anymind CEO and co-founder Kosuke Sogo

The company, founded by Japanese entrepreneurs, has offices in 10 markets, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia. The recruitment software has been adopted by about 100 clients so far, including manufacturers and financial institutions. The target is to increase the clientele to 500 companies by the end of this year.

AnyMind also operates a business connecting so-called influencers on social media to companies. It plans to expand operations to the Philippines and Dubai, in addition to potentially setting up shop in other parts of the Middle East and Russia.