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Singapore startup to put up PH hub amid local need for AI solutions
September 6, 2018 News AI Artificial Intelligence


Singapore-based AnyMind Group, one of the fastest growing AI (artificial intelligence)-based technology firms in the world, will put up shop in the Philippines citing the market’s readiness for innovative tools.

In a statement, the group announced its expansion here, which marks the 29-month-old startup’s 13th office in 11 markets across Asia, including a product development center in Vietnam.

AnyMind Group is an AI solutions provider in the advertising, marketing and human resource industries through firms AdAsia Holdings, CastingAsia and TalentMind.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and cofounder of AnyMind, said they were looking forward to making AI usable and more accessible here in the country.

“We now have enough business momentum to establish a local presence, having experienced the growth and potential of the market remotely,” he said.

The statement didn’t disclose further information about their expansion here, except the office will be located in Manila.

AdAsia Holdings currently provides revenue opportunities to over 30 publishers in the Philippines through the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers and AdAsia Premium Marketplace.

The group said AdAsia Digital Platform for Advertisers, a platform for advertisers to manage their activities through a single dashboard, would also be rolled out here in the country.

CastingAsia, on the other hand, has been making “influencer marketing campaigns” here. The group also said the TalentMind platform would be further localized to meet the needs of human resource professionals in the Philippines.

The group’s operations in the country will be led by Phuong Nguyen, who is also the country manager for Vietnam.