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Skelter Labs attracts funds from Singaporean VC
November 5, 2018 News Start up


Artificial intelligence solutions startup Skelter Labs announced on Nov. 5 that it has received new investment from Singapore-based venture capital firm Golden Gate Ventures.

The strategic investment is part of Golden Gate Ventures’ third fund in the Asian market, which closed at a total of US$100 million.

Skelter Labs has not unveiled the exact amount of the funds it received from the VC.

The latest funding will enable Skelter Labs to expand its businesses in Southeast Asian markets, including Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, as well as Japan, the Korean firm said.

“Using AI technology has become a significant part of corporate strategies across the globe,” said Michael Lints, partner of Golden Gate Ventures. “With our experienced background, Skelter Labs is well positioned to help corporates execute that strategy.”

Skelter Labs is one of the few startups in Korea that run R&D projects for AI solutions including those that analyze objects with computer vision and speech, and understand human context and conversations.

Its core technologies are designed to empower enterprises to apply AI technologies to the entire value chain of companies, including manufacturing, customer operations, device interaction and marketing.