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Skills and Infrastructure Found Lacking for Big Data Initiatives reports EIU
June 27, 2016 News

A recent report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), has found governments falling short in creating an eco-system for Big Data initiatives in the ASEAN region.

The survey sponsored by Microsoft, is based on 300 technological sector leaders, as well as interviews with industry experts. It found the needs of the savvy user is growing rapidly and creating heavy demands on their government for support.

The survey showed a startling discovery in population dissatisfaction where governments were not meeting the technological needs for the region. The dissatisfaction was highest among Singaporeans at 80%, while Indonesia lowest at 43%. It goes on to say that through its research, it found although Singapore had a big lead in infrastructure and implementing new technologies, Singaporeans felt advancements weren’t up to global standards. Whereas in Indonesia, where even being connected made a huge difference, they felt their government was delivering satisfactorily.

Charles Ross, editor of the report titled High aspirations, stark realities: Digitising government in South-East Asia says that organisational concerns have taken priority over concerns on having a secure offering for governments in the region. This he says is to cater to the ever increasing demands on digital services.

“Governments in the region have an opportunity to stand at the forefront of smart-government development, but only if it addresses real challenges related to employee and citizen ICT skills, and insufficient infrastructure”, he added