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Solix Partners With Taadin Data Technology for Big Data Transformation


Solix Technologies, Inc., a leading big data application provider for empowering data-driven enterprises, today announced a partnership with Taadin Data Technology, a data management services and solutions company serving the MENA region, to provide comprehensive data management and archiving solutions.

Taadin Data Technology will offer the Solix Big Data Suite and Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS) to its customers, providing support for enterprise archiving, application retirement and advanced analytics on low-cost Apache Hadoop.

Apache Hadoop is an ideal common data platform for big data applications because it offers very low-cost bulk data storage and advanced analytics applications on an enterprise scale. By processing large data sets in parallel on commodity hardware, Apache Hadoop is able to reduce infrastructure costs up to 50X for nearly any workload.

According to Sai Gundavelli, Founder/CEO, Solix Technologies Inc, “We look forward to working with Taadin Data Technology to further our vision of a common data platform for enterprises within the greater MENA region,”

“We are very excited to work with Solix,” said Loay Jaber, Managing Director, Taadin Data Technology. “Teaming up with Solix to provide our customers with best of bread data archiving and application retirement solutions that will help our customers better managing their aged data while reducing the overall TCO.”

Key benefits of Solix enterprise data management solutions include:

  • Improve application performance
  • Reduce maintenance and storage costs
  • Mask and protect sensitive test data
  • Create database subsets and clones
  • Decommission legacy applications
  • Archive and access data based on compliance and regulations

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