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SQREEM Partners with TIS to Help Marketers Unlock The Full Potential of Their Customer Databases Using AI
June 29, 2020 News


To help organisations unlock more value from their customer databases and augment marketing efforts, Singapore Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Company, SQREEM Technologies, has partnered with leading Japan-based system integration services provider TIS Inc.

The new partnership will see SQREEM’s advanced behavioural data capabilities and pattern analysis technology applied to TIS’ product TIS MARKETING CANVAS – a platform for data integration and utilisation.

This means TIS’ clients will be able to extract more value from their already available customer data by using SQREEM’s AI solutions to combine existing deterministic client data with probabilistic open data to unlock greater insights into customer behaviours, ranging from how they shop, dine and travel all the way to their professional aspirations and support for social causes.

Sitting behind firewalls, SQREEM’s AI enriches first party data owned by TIS’ clients, with behavioural data sourced from hundreds of thousands of publicly available data points, providing a gigantic database with multiple fields of transactional behavioural data. With none of the data being accessible to third parties, this is done within the confines of a firm’s owned databases.

For example, a credit card provider might know that customers are using their cards for petrol payments, but may not be aware that they are using a competitor’s offering for online purchases. Unlocking insights such as these will allow the firm to adjust the perks offered by their card or to offer new cards to existing customers based on their needs.

TIS is Japan’s leading provider of network solutions and system integration services with 15,000 clients in Japan and 3,000 enterprise customers across Southeast Asia. The technology which is developed in Japan will first be deployed locally before being rolled out in select ASEAN markets over the course of the year.

Recently named by the Financial Times as one of Asia’s fastest-growing companies, SQREEM utilises its proprietary artificial intelligence capabilities to track and predict online human behaviour. SQREEM is able to pair that with third-party data to find the correlation between data points and identify trends, patterns and anomalies in the online behaviour of consumers when using the data signals from TIS.

“There is rightly an increasing awareness around protecting consumer privacy, and at SQREEM we are committed to using only anonymised open source third-party data to predict human behaviour,” says Ian Chapman-Banks, co-founder and CEO of SQREEM. “By combining TIS’ data signals with third-party data, we are able to provide a much more powerful view into consumer preferences and interests. This not only helps marketers better cater to people’s needs but also put their marketing budgets to more efficient use.”

Utilising third-party data will be instrumental in providing marketers with the tools to reach and serve the right message and offerings to customers as the digital world moves towards a cookie-less environment.

SQREEM’s advanced AI and behavioural insights platform have also been integrated into other firms to enable them to unlock the value of their first-party data. For example:

  • Partnership with Japanese internet services company, Rakuten to launch Rakuten SQREEM to provide advertisers in Japan with marketing solutions built around AI-based behavioural pattern analysis, to better position them to meet the needs of consumers by serving them content that is desirable and relevant.
  • Powering the launch of  Wrap Bstrd, Singapore’s First F&B brand and dark kitchen driven by artificial intelligence and analytics.
  • Launching a government-only platform called Channel SQREEM, which uses artificial intelligence to accelerate contact tracing and communications for COVID-19 infections.