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ST Engineering Launches SERIS® Airport Analytics for Enhanced Airport Operations


ST Engineering’s Electronics sector launches SERIS® Airport Analytics to address the rising air traffic volume faced by global aviation markets.

As pressures intensify with surging air transport demands, SERIS® Airport Analytics is designed to enhance airports’ operational performance through data-driven and fact-based decision-making. Leveraging its advanced intelligence capabilities powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, airport operators will be able to reduce delays in air traffic flow and congestion in airports during peak times, delivering a more seamless travel experience to passengers.

“Cities are facing urbanization pressures like infrastructure challenges on land, at sea, and in the air. As a leading Information Communications Technologies provider and co-creator of smart city solutions, we help our customers adapt to new challenges and meet resource demands through the use of cutting-edge technologies,” said Mr Low Jin Phang, General Manager of Info-Software Systems, Electronics, ST Engineering.

For airports, ST Engineering’s portfolio ranges from Robotics and Automation to Aviation Security and Advanced Simulation solutions.

In Airport Operations, its integrated SERIS® Airport Operations Centre System enables Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) and day-to-day operations. Airport Analytics further expands its solution portfolio for airports.

According to the latest World Airport Traffic Forecasts (WATF) published by Airports Council International, global traffic volume is expected to double by 2034, based on a projected growth rate of 4.3 percent per annum. Airports need to optimize terminal and airside capacity, which require more innovative and intelligent tools to enhance decision-making and optimize operations.

ST Engineering recognizes that understanding passenger trends from arrivals to departures is key in planning and resource allocation.

Backed by its domain expertise in airport operations and experience in providing airport solutions, ST Engineering has designed SERIS® Airport Analytics to optimize airport operations and consequently increase passenger satisfaction, while reducing operational costs.

Delivering a comprehensive, broad range and in-depth advanced analytics capabilities, it provides a unified view of airport operations and the complete passenger experience from curb to gate. It embeds predictive and prescriptive analytics into processes, ground handler interactions and optimizes the passenger experience, facilitating smooth integration of information and analytic models directly into process flows.