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Stackspace Introduces New Software-as-a-Service Platform
March 24, 2016 News

Stackspace, a cutting-edge big data technology company that simplifies data analysis for faster business decisions, has launched a public beta of its flagship Software-as-a-Service offering. Stackspace software makes it fast and easy to launch your choice of big data tools to solve the largest number of data analytics challenges.

Interested users can take a tour of Stackspace and set up their own account here:

“It makes no sense for organizations to wait for weeks, months, or years for big data systems to become operational and analyze data,” said David Hirko, Co-Founder and Managing Director. “With Stackspace’s intuitive interface, companies can launch, configure, and leverage a variety of big data tools in minutes.”

Using Stackspace, data can be securely ingested and analyzed automatically and in minutes. The software leverages years of codified best practices in automating the deployment of complex distributed systems, so end users can focus on data and insight – not on software and systems.

The streamlined Stackspace user experience makes it easy to choose open source big data tools, optimize configurations, configure data pipelines, and monitor the health of their systems. Stackspace private beta users required little instruction to get started right away.

Most big data managed services restrict choices to their versions of big data tools, and force customers to give up control of their data. Stackspace users create their own customized distribution, using any combination of systems, and start using them in minutes. To ensure security, Stackspace uses clients’ cloud environments, and never escrows or consumes customer data. Stackspace secure deployments have been tested and validated in the most rigorous environments.

“Because of the increasing democratization of predictive analytics, it is now possible for any organization to apply sophisticated open source analytics to their data,” said Mark Bittmann, Director and Data Scientist.  “That’s a far cry from previous proprietary analytical systems that ingested a business’ data, applied their own algorithms, and returned their own result.”  Stackspace users choose their preferred predictive analytics to data transparently – launching securely and retaining control of data.

Brad Kolarov, Co-Founder and Managing Director added, “Free your data science and analytical teams and use Stackspace to facilitate creativity, experimentation, and analysis of data.”


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