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Startup Malaysia Organises University App Challenge 48 Hour Hackathon


Startup Malaysia recently organised their own App Challenge at the Multimedia University (MMU) in Cyberjaya on the 14th an 15 of January 2017. The event which was attended predominantly by MMU students, was a big success which saw participation from 107 students which comprised of 15 teams.

The initiative was put together by the Ministry of Science & Technology (MOSTI) under the MOSTI Social Innovation (MSI). The hackathon aims to encourage students to dive into the world of technology, innovation and creativity through the 48hour challenge where participants will have to pitch, validate and build web or mobile apps with the assistance of mentors.

Team Pineapple

1st place was taken by Team Pineapple who took home RM3,500 cash. Their app looked to solve the issue of nursing homes being too expensive. Their app solution proposes to send nurses within the dispatch radius to client on-demand – uber for nurses. The qualified nurses will be able to attend minor treatments; wound dressings, changing of bandages, urine patch. The app helps to reduce the time travel to hospitals, waiting time, at affordable prices.

Team IPS Energy

2nd place winners were from team IPS Energy took home cash winnings of RM2,000. The problem they hoped to solve with their app, was on over spending on electricity bills. Their app can detect the indoor environment to identify an individual’s power consumption in a household using Indoor Positioning System. The app displays the actual cost of each electric appliances used, making it easy to monitor power consumption via the app. The app will notify the user when the electric consumption is too high and help the owner to limit it.

Team Falbe App

3rd place winners, Flabe App who took home RM1,000 cash prize, looked at a way to connect people who walk by on a daily basis, could be the person with the right expertise we are looking for in terms of business. The app helps us to ‘discover’ people around with information (name, contact info, occupation etc. and serves as a more niche community platform to connect with similar skills/expertise; for future collaboration.