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Strata + Hadoop World in Singapore 2016


Strata + Hadoop World Event, taking place this week from 6th till 8th December, which was held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre Suntec, was once again the talk of the town. The hype this year around Big Data Analytics was especially apparent as the speakers gave highlights into the areas of focus which will be covered in the break-out sessions.

The keynote speakers brought to light the many technological leaps in the areas of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Deep Learning that we have seen emerging throughout the year. Where top players in games such as chess, were beaten by their AI counter-parts. It was believed that it would take at least a decade for ML to be able achieve the understanding and nuances involved in adapting and analyzing these games. So, when the experts and world number ones were beaten within a fraction of that time, the world has stood up to take notice.


The speakers delved into data issues that are currently shaping the business, finance, smart cities, media, fashion, retail, energy, manufacturing, and government worlds. Connecting the dots to how all these businesses will be inevitably and inexorably become dependant on the data analytics surrounding them.

The break-outs included new sessions and tracks to reflect challenges that have emerged in the data field—including security, ubiquitous computing, collaboration, peer analytics, reproducibility, new interfaces, emerging architecture, building data teams as well as machine data.


It offered valuable insights on this and other immersive topics where data scientists, analysts, and business executives dissect case studies, develop new skills, share emerging best practices for building the future of big data.