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Tableau Prep and New Subscription Offering


Tableau Software today announces the introduction of three new tiered subscription offerings, tailored to help organisations empower even more staff with data. The company is also introducing Tableau Prep, a brand-new data preparation product designed to help people quickly and confidently combine, shape, and clean their data, reducing the time from data to insight.

We are entering the era of data analytics ubiquity. Data is growing larger and faster than ever before and everyone – from data scientists to teachers, doctors or HR managers – can use that data in some way. This will be vital if Singapore is to achieve its Smart Nation vision, as data will be the cornerstone of what the Government wants to achieve. It will also be crucial for the nation as is jostles with economic powerhouses and emerging markets to remain competitive on the global stage.

But for this to happen we must recognise that people use data in different ways. Some people do advanced analysis and some just need to consume data in an interactive way to make decisions. Data is not one size fits all, and if you can’t deliver each user the right level of analytics then you can’t create ubiquity. This is where Tableau’s new tailored subscription offerings come in, as they will enable organisations to empower their entire workforce with the right level of capabilities to meet each unique user need.

Tableau Prep addresses a further challenge to analytics ubiquity: messy, dirty and unreliable data.  If people always need a specialist to clean, shape and prepare data for analysis, they lose the agile decision making capabilities that make data so valuable. In response, Tableau Prep will do for data preparation what Tableau did for Business Intelligence.  It will take a task which is painstaking and laborious and make it visual and direct, employing smart algorithms that make it easier for more people to get to analysis faster.